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Australia is ‘coming apart at the seams’


Sky News contributor Campbell Newman says the three-day lockdown in Greater Brisbane was “an overreaction” by the Palaszczuk government.

On Monday evening the snap lockdown impacting Greater Brisbane was lifted.

After three-days at home, life will return to a COVID-normal situation for more than 2.5 million Queenslanders.

Mr Newman said there was “overreach” relating to some of the measures.

“We were for the last three days … required to wear a mask in our own private motor vehicle,” he said.

“And if we were exercising … we were meant to wear a mask”.

“They’re making this stuff up and it really is quite an assault on our civil liberties for the actual outcome that they’ve, sort of, got”.

“Now it continues for another 10 days, we’re all required to carry a mask”.

“What we need across this nation is a proper, consistent, logical, proportionate response to these sorts of things – a national plan”.

“The nation’s coming apart at the bloomin’ seams with all these premiers doing their own thing”.

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