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From Pryor to Whoopi: The Icons That Made Us – Dark Humor


Damien Lemon, Ayanna Dookie, Yamaneika Saunders, Mike Brown, Gina Yashere, Chloé Hilliard, Roy Wood Jr., Sinbad, Nore Davis, Donnell Rawlings, Neko White, Sonia Denis, Josh Johnson, Ms. Pat, Rae Sanni, Lil Rel Howery, and Luenell remember their earliest memories of comedy and celebrate their comedic influences. (Contains strong language.)

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About Dark Humor:
Dark Humor is a docuseries detailing the influences, experiences and perspectives of Black comedians – including Roy Wood Jr., Donnell Rawlings, Luenell, Sinbad, Earthquake and Ms. Pat – as they discuss topics like politics, music, Black women in comedy, PC culture and more.

#StandUp #DarkHumor

Featured in This Episode:
Damien Lemon
Ayanna Dookie
Yamaneika Saunders
Mike Brown
Gina Yashere
Chloé Hilliard
Roy Wood Jr.
Nore Davis
Donnell Rawlings
Neko White
Sonia Denis
Josh Johnson
Ms. Pat
Rae Sanni
Lil Rel Howery

Mentioned in This Episode:
Eddie Murphy
Redd Fox
Warren Hutcherson
Robert Townsend
Bill Cosby
Wali Collins
Richard Pryor
Dick Gregory
Robin Harris
Moms Mabley
Marsha Warfield
Wanda Sykes
Bernie Mac
Chris Rock
Dave Chappelle
Katt Williams
Whoopi Goldberg
Patrice O’Neal
Eddie Griffin

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