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Goo Goo Galaxy Doll | DIY Slime & Glitter Kit – Create, Feed, Fill & Refill


Today we’ll have an unusual meeting. It is our alien friend Bowie Beamheart and she arrived from Goo Goo Galaxy far far away. She is so pretty! Let’s unbox her!

She has a translucent belly! We can see how much Star Goo she ate. Her little horns look like rainbows in clouds! The set includes the Inter-GOO-lactic Passport in Bowie’s Planet-Ship to find out heaps of fun facts about her. It’s filled with info like Bowie’s birthday, eye color, height and what planet she’s from! She has landed on Earth in her large planet-ship and she’s ready to be customized! Her ship contains everything we need to make custom cosmos creations including a bowl, a whisk, a regoovinator, a stand and more! To make Star Goo we need to fill the bowl with water and add special ingredients from Goopiter and the glitter of different sizes and colors. Mix it with the whisk and see what’ll happen! Then we’ll fill the regoovinator with Star Goo, and then feed Bowie Beamheart. Our cutie’s transparent belly is slowly filling up with her favorite food! And if you take the candy out of her mouth and press down on her belly, a shiny slime will pour out of her! Magic! We can make several slimes with different ingredients and feed her!

We hope you enjoyed our Goo Goo guest because we fell in love with this alien beauty!

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