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HIIT Superset Express Class (25 Mins) – Resistance Band


This quick HIIT Superset class is total body, but definitely more of a lower body emphasis.

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—Resistance band loop (I’m using a medium for the first superset and a light for the remaining)

In this class, we thoroughly prepare our body for HIIT training with mobility work and light cardio. We then move onto our HIIT superset work. In the Express class, we do three supersets instead of five. In each of the three supersets, you’ll preform two exercises, back to back, for 20 seconds each. You then rest 20 seconds before repeating. You’ll do four sets total.

The superset pairings will be similar, but Exercise A is lower impact, and then we dial up the intensity for Exercise B. A great modification option is to stay on Exercise A for the entire 40 seconds of work, rather than progressing to Exercise B.

Between supersets, you get about a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if needed. Always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. Low-impact modifications will be shown.

We finish class with a guided cool down and stretch.

01:26 Warm Up & Mobility

07:17 HIIT Workout
—Squat-Lunge Step with Row
—Lunge Hop, Squat, Lunge

—Bear Plank Serve the Platter
—Bear Plank Hop, Hop, Donkey Kick

—Squat Hold, Pull, Raise, Pull
—Reach, Pull Squat Jumps

21:29 Cool Down & Stretch


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