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I miss you… i’ll be back soon


Why I Had To Stop YouTube… My Reasons For Quitting, What I’m Doing To Heal & When I’ll Be Back // Sanne Vloet

Hi Guys,

I miss you so much, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I don’t tend to share what is going on in my personal life, but I haven’t posted in a while and it’s because I just ran out of steam. I had a breakdown, I think you can also say I hit a wall, and I wasn’t in control of how I was feeling. I thought I could push through, just work harder (& avoid my feelings), but I started to fall apart.

Creating videos went from being my safe place to be myself and have fun to feeling like work and my job. You all deserve 100% of both my creativity and authenticity which I wasn’t able to give because I put so much pressure to be perfect. I felt trapped, I lost motivation, and someone close to me wrote me letter that made me stop to process how I was feeling. This was a wake-up call and why I made the decision to step away, I even tried filming this twice before, but I felt so anxious and it’s only recently that I’ve started to really get excited about creating again.

During quarantine it was tough to go without a lot of social interaction. There was so much fear and anxiety. I’m sure you felt it too. But I found inspiration in food and I think I cooked a new meal every night for four months… I’ve always been a food and travel lover! I want to mix these things together, but really focus on cooking, learning, and sharing all the amazing thing I am learning on my journey. My inspirations on YouTube have always been amazing creators like Pick-Up-Limes and storytellers like Casey Neistat. Does anyone else watch Sadia’s channel?

I also recently discovered another channel that I watch to learn. Her name is Abbey and she’s a dietician, if you’ve ever seen her videos they are educational. I’m going to see if she’d like to work on a recipe video with me and help me put together really balanced meals that taste great! I can put some of the lessons I learned in Italy to work here, which would be exciting so cross fingers.

This felt so good to write to you and I think you’re going to enjoy the vlogs I’m planing to film. I want to create around travel and food, recipes with Matcha from @NEKOHAMAMATCHA a company that Max and I started with a few of our closest friends, and most of all I can’t wait to finish renovating the kitchen. I have some amazing people helping me with it and I will do my very best to share the entire process.

November is next month! Should we kick off a Wellness Month? Well good thing we already started planning!

I’m going to be working on it with one of my best friends on the West Coast @Sami Clarke we will have a few amazing fitness challenges (a #GetFit challenge and one really fun two week ab challenge to get us all feeling strong), and so much content around wellness and what we put inside our bodies.

I’m off to an orchard tomorrow to film the first video that I was inspired to make so get ready, I’m feeling refreshed and I don’t think it’ll be long until you hear me say… “Welcome to a new video!”

I hope you comment today so I know you are still with me, and I’ll be back before you know it! Thank you for being patient with me.

Miss you all!



p.s. for anyone curious about why we were in Mexico. this summer I left to go home to quarantine and see my family. I then went to Italy to apprentice under two of the most amazing chef’s in the world. after this to get back home I had to spend 14 days outside of Europe in a list of specific country, so max met me in mexico.

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