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LIVE! Room To Move with Debbie Doo! | Episode 1 Let’s Star Jump | SING, DANCE, LEARN, PLAY!


⭐It’s time to get ready for Debbie Doo’s new 30 min weekly live show Room to Move, where you and your family and friends are the stars!

⭐Featuring fan requested songs from Debbie Doo’s most popular movement library, we challenge you to sit still! Structured around the early learning framework, this live stream is designed to encourage, delight and inspire your little ones to sing, dance and learn all while encouraging fine and gross motor control, fitness, balance and coordination. Don’t forget about the pre language and language skills from all the singing!

⭐Show Highlights and gives opportunity for Interaction and inclusion.
⭐Room to Move takes children’s content back to basics, so to keep your child fully engaged please participate. You’ll be hitting your own daily movement goals whilst having loads of fun , strengthening bonds, creating memories and being a wonderful role model for your child. Remember you’re their number 1 teacher!

⭐Every week Debbie Doo uses simple props to motivate movement. Check in here before the show starts to find out what we will be using this week.
What to bring for Episode 1 – Let’s Star jump!
– Scarves or tea towels for warm up time
– Your child’s favorite toy or blanket to dance with.
Of course this is optional.

⭐Movement Time
The show is not called Room To Move for no reason! In movement time we explore full body movement, focusing on coordination and repetition. It is not always easy to get the moves straight away, but just encourage your child to follow along and have fun!

⭐Family Dance Time
Grown ups it’s your time to shine! Every week there is a segment of the show just for you to show off your dance moves and share some magical time together with your little stars!

⭐Nursery Rhyme Time
Nursery Rhyme time is about taking it down a little while we present a different nursery rhyme each week. Your child can sit or stand for this one while they follow along with the simple finger play, hand actions and role playing.

⭐Around the Room Time!
It’s this part of the show where your child will really need some Room To Move! From flying a plane to driving a bus, circle time has never been this much fun!

⭐Breathing Exercise
After the uptempo songs, Debbie Doo takes deep breathing breaks. Encourage your little one to copy and remember to keep some water nearby.

⭐‘I Am’ Mantra
At the end of every show Debbie Doo shares the ‘I Am’ Mantra, a positive affirmation written to get lot’s of great mental seeds planted to help them in later life. It’s fantastic opportunity to join your child and help to reinforce all the wonderful things and make them who they are.
I am smart.
I am kind.
I am brave, in heart and mind.
And I am always proud of who I am.

We finish every episode with our goodbye song and saying hello to our wonderful fans through the Magic Camera segment. What is you or your child’s favorite Debbie Doo song or action? Simply head over to our website and let us know your child’s name, what Debbie Doo song they would like to hear and any other comments. https://www.debbiedoo.tv/


⭐Producing a show is both time and financially intensive. We love what we do so much and love we can offer it for free making sure anyone, anywhere can take part. However, with recent changes to YouTube in the kid’s space and the impact that the current health emergency has had on advertising, our reliance on this source of income has become difficult. So, if you can, we need your help. If you love our content and would like to help it continue, please consider supporting us with a tip jar. Every little bit helps… Your value exchange, generosity and kindness will go a long way to ensuring that Debbie Doo can continue to produce positive, educational, and movement-based content that impacts families, day-cares and schools all around the world. Biggest thank you. ❤️
This link will take you to our PayPal donation page, where you can support us in any amount you can.


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