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Marken The Netherlands 8K 🇳🇱


If you’re visiting Marken, you can’t miss the little wooden houses. Until the 17th century, residents built their homes on ‘werven’, artificially built hills. In this way, they prevented damage from floods. They then built their homes on stakes. Since the building of the Afsluitdijk, the island has no longer been flooded, but the typical houses remain. Other recommendations are the old Wooden Shoe Factory and the Marker Museum with its costume exhibition. In the Wooden Shoe Factory, located in a parkland you can see how ‘clogs’ were made from a block of wood. The Marken Museum (Kerkbuurt 44-47) is also dedicated to the traditions of the former island of Marken. As well as the Marken costume, you can also see utensils and works of art by the islanders there. You’ll encounter even more typical Dutch costumes in the lovely harbor town of Volendam, where the cruise boat known as the Volendam Marken Express will bring you several times a day.

As Marken is a really small island, you can travel around it on foot without any problems. Across the embankment, the extent of the island encompasses around 9 km. Don’t forget to pay the ‘Paard van Marken’ (Horse of Marken) a visit. This lighthouse from 1839 still carries out its duties. And it’s a real beauty; the white tower with the red hood is a popular photo scene.

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