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Muscat, the Picturesque Capital of Oman – 4K Scenic Urban Film + Music – Cities of the World


Welcome to Muscat – the picturesque capital of Oman, great historical place and just a beautiful eastern city with an Arab identity. In this 4K scenic urban film you will see the most charming marine and city views of #Muscat, magnificent bays, night city lights, mosques and gorgeous beaches with clear blue water. Calm and relaxing music will bring you a positive mood and help you to unwind. This is an incredibly beautiful oasis created by human hands and one of the most ancient cities of the Arabian Peninsula. Discover the views of Al Sultan Qaboos Street (16:55), one of the most creative constructions in the city – Fountain and Opera (29:10) and Candle Café Shaati al Quram (32:40). Aerial part of the video will show you all the facets of the city, from houses and buildings dotted in the area to the majestic mountain landscapes.

Video from: Muscat, Oman
Video resolution: #4K UHD
Video type: scenic urban video
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Oksana Chorna
Editor and colorist: Dmytro Morokhovets
Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov
Our team wishes to thank all those, who directly and indirectly participated in the filming of this video: Dmytro Prianishnikov for instructions, hike organization and route development. Special thanks to Maria House Cleaning – The Main Sponsor of the Movie.

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Benefits of the video:
– You can decide whether to visit this city or not, if you hesitate
– Travel the city and see the most spectacular sights without leaving your home
– A universal background for receiving guests, studying, resting and relaxing
– A good travelling idea to visit in future
– Immersion into the authentic oriental atmosphere

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