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Oldest PAKISTANI STREET FOOD Market in ISLAMABAD!! Butt Karahi & Aabpara Market | Pakistan


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My whirlwind trip through Pakistan continued as I arrived in its capital city! Join me as I go on a tour of the oldest Pakistani street food market in Islamabad and try Butt Karahi in the capital of Pakistan!

My evening began at the Aabpara Market with my friend Rashid from Manaky. Aabpara Market is a bustling commercial zone in the F10 sector near the center of the city. It dates back to 1960, making it the oldest market in Islamabad.

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With seemingly an endless number of vendors, Aabpara Market is a one-stop shop for everything from street food to household goods to clothing.

My first stop was a golgappa, or pani puri, vendor on the side of the road. He serves you the puris, which he pre-fills with potatoes, chutney, and dahi, or yogurt.

Then, he gives you a bowl of pani on the side. You dip the puris into the pani yourself! It’s a little different from the way I’m used to eating pani puri on the street, but I liked it!

Then, we headed into the market and saw vendors selling everything from live chickens to clothing to sweets.

The gulab jamun was sweet and hot, while the jalebi and fried biscuit were also nice! Then, at Abbasi Dry Fruit, I tried some yummy mixed nuts and nuggets made from nuts and brown sugar.

Deeper into the market were more vendors selling gardening tools, electronics, samosas, potato fritters, and chai. The chai was really hot and milky, with a nice amount of cardamom.

Then, Rashid and I drove 2 minutes to Melody Food Street, where there are a lot of vendors and restaurants! I tried a crunchy and flavorful veg pakora and also saw vendors selling raw fish, chicken karahi, and paan!

The paan vendor at Rana Bhai Shahi Paandan Waly puts the paan in your mouth and then throws rose petals on you. He has lots of different types of paan, including dry fruit paan, chocolate paan, coconut paan, strawberry paan, and more.

The paan he made for me was sweet and flavorful. It was hard to chew but super yummy! It gave me so much energy right away!

Then, Rashid and I drove to F10 to get dinner. This area has been around for a long time, but only developed into a popular food hub in the past 3 years. All of the vendors there are from different cities in Pakistan!

Immediately, I saw cooks barbecuing chicken chargha, grilling kebabs, and making karahi outside of Haaj.

For chargha, they grill the chicken vertically. They also sell taka-tak, a specialty from Lahore, at Butt Karahi.

Taka-tak contains brain and chicken! The name of the dish comes from the sound of the knives clanging as they cook it.

Then, I ran into Sulmeen from Manaky, who brought me to Pakistan! Then, we saw guys making mutton karahi and chicken karahi. The aroma and sounds were incredible.

We ate at Butt Karahi, which started in Lahore and is known for its incredible flavors. They’ve now expanded to Islamabad and Karachi. Their karahi is famous!

We started with some cucumber with raita with cumin. It was very tasty and fresh!

Then, we ordered their specialty, chicken karahi cooked in butter, fried mutton chops, garlic naan, chicken tikka, chicken seekh kebabs, and kalonji naan.

The karahi contained ginger, red chilies, coriander, and a nice gravy. The garlic naan was super flavorful! Meanwhile, the mutton chops had a nice, delicious char.

The chicken tikka was so moist and tender it fell apart immediately, and the chicken seekh kebabs and kalonji naan were a match made in meat-lover heaven!

Then, Sulmeen and I drove to Jamil Sweets, a sweets shop that dates back to 1964!

The gulab jamun, khopra mithai, and kaju sweet, were all bite-sized, sugary, and quite dense!

Where have you been?

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