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Ozzy Man Reviews: Composure


Here’s a critical analysis of the concept of composure. Check out the bonza Ozzy Man Merch: https://www.ozzymanshop.com​ cheers ya legends!


1. Man stops Truck (JukinMedia): https://tinyurl.com/26cf97ru
2. Kayaker Catches Cap (JukinMedia): https://tinyurl.com/w8yrkzz6
3. Coffee Shoulder Packer (omer_usta1/TikTok) https://tinyurl.com/55r7xexe
4. Fancy TP Footwork (ViralHog): https://tinyurl.com/zae5cau5
5. Cup Catcher (@AlexPresley_/TikTok) https://tinyurl.com/3bzuw6fn
6. Jenga Legend (JukinMedia) https://tinyurl.com/yeeptte9
7. Croc Hand Bite (khan_noisseur/TikTok) https://tinyurl.com/4kmuef4n
8. Motherly Target Practice @Orissa Kelly https://tinyurl.com/3s3syvc9
9. Extreme Boat Docking @mohd dhiauddin https://tinyurl.com/bt2n6pft
10. Man Rescues Dog (JukinMedia) https://tinyurl.com/ssx5c88w

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Check ’em all out.

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