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Rabbit sees a lake for the first time


Pipkin rabbit, a free roam / free range rabbit, sees a lake for the first time. An existential crisis swiftly ensues. The rabbit, while possessing a larger-than-life personality is, physically speaking, a relatively small creature. However, he has never felt as small as when standing next to the lake. The rabbit had never seen a lake or ocean before, and the sheer size of it boggled his mind. Given his reaction to making this rabbit video, maybe we will have to have Pipkin make more rabbit sees for the first time videos!

The rabbit likes making rabbit drinking videos – we think he wanted to see how much of the lake water he could drink! Maybe you saw Pipkin rabbit’s waking a sleeping rabbit with an air horn video, or waking a sleeping rabbit with a firecracker video (as jokes!) Or maybe you saw Pipkin’s rabbit learns he is adopted video. This is obviously the same idea, just WAY more intense.

Thanks for checking out Pipkin and our rabbit channel. We hope you think he is the cutest rabbit ever, because he really enjoys making videos – ASMR videos in particular! Pipkin is a free range rabbit / free roam rabbit and we all enjoy making cute rabbit videos. If you’d like to see more cute rabbit videos, please watch some of our other work!

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