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This Essential Vitamin Improves Memory, Focus & Brain Health


My favorite, “all-in-one” formula for quickly improving memory, focus and brain health.
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This Essential Vitamin Improves Memory, Focus & Brain Health
There’s an essential nutrient that many people are lacking and deficient in these days, that’s linked to healthy:
Liver function
Heart and cardiovascular system
Brain development
Muscle movement
Nervous system & stress management
Memory & focus

People who are at the highest risk of being deficient in this important vitamin, are people who
do lots of cardiovascular exercise and endurance athletes
Drink alcohol regularly (3-4x weekly)
Take oral prescription medications
Pregnant women
Postmenopausal women
As well as men over the age of 40

Even though your liver can make small amounts of this nutrient on its own, the majority of it needs to come from your diet.

Unfortunately, the foods highest in this special vitamin are the ones most people don’t eat these days and hence, why there are deficiencies.

Three best foods would be
Organic Beef (2.4 oz/290 mg) and chicken liver (2.4 oz / 222 mg)
Pasture raised Egg yolks (1 egg / 113 mg)
Fresh, wild caught cod (3 oz / 248 mg)

So, what’s this amazing nutrient?… It’s called choline and it’s part of the B vitamins group.

And it’s a supplement I’ve been taking for over 20 years primarily for improving my brain, memory and focus.

This is especially important for me because my grandmother on my dad’s side had Alzherimer’s and my aunt on my mom’s side has Parkinson’s disease.

So, making sure my brain and memory stay as healthy and youthful as possible, is a big priority for me.

Now, in the old days, I would take just Choline by itself, about 1000 mgs daily.

The goal being that it would increase acetylcholine levels in my brain, which low levels are linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

However, regular Choline is not the best form. It’s not the most bioavailable or absorbable. Nor does it have the most health benefits, especially for the brain.

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