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Turning $3 Grocery Store Cupcakes into Boujee CAKE TRUFFLES!


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This video was quite the challenge! Surprisingly I feel like it was harder than turning a $20 grocery store cake into a $500 wedding cake! That was easy in comparison! In today’s video I took cheap grocery store bought cupcakes with vanilla icing and vanilla cake topped with confetti sprinkles and deconstructed them. With the addition of melted tempered white chocolate candy melts I made cakesicles and cake truffles. I also added some gold leaf and edible gold dust to create extra fancy easy simple designs! They turned out SO cute!

What to watch next! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5lUeeGrLHs&list=PL4k6Y3I1hb-jI33k8OjObO8oFrgSnb27r&index=1&t=43s
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